Jan 21

Temporary Heat and Hot Water Outage, Thursday, Jan 22nd

[warning]There is scheduled condo wide hot water and heat outage for Thursday, January 22nd, from approximately 7AM to 3:30PM.[/warning]

This outage is in support of some final work to the heating and hot water systems in the boiler room.

Once restored, it will take approximately an hour for the temperatures to reach their set point.

If you have any questions, please call Shea Management at 301-986-1504.

Jan 10

Hot Water/Heat Issues

We’ve had a number of reports come in this morning regarding a lack of hot water and heat.. This, and an earlier outage during the week, are being investigated so we can prevent any future issues, especially as the weather is so cold! Stay tuned for further updates.

Nov 23

Hot Water Shut-off, Monday, Nov 24th,~9AM to ~1:30PM

[warning]There is an emergency water shut-off scheduled for Monday, November 24th, from approximately 9AM to 1:30PM in units 3800 to 3822.[/warning]

We apologize for yet another small inconvenience, but a handful of small leaks in the hot water line are requiring emergency repairs that will require the hot water be shut-off to the upper half of the property (3800 to 3822). Every effort will be made to minimize the off time.

Please do not attempt any repairs of your own during this time; you will be held responsible for any resulting damages.

[important]Heat is not affected.[/important]

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