May 20

The A/C Is On!

I hope to have a bigger general update later, but in the short term I just wanted everyone to know the A/C is up and running!!!

If you’re like me, you can close your windows and clean up all the pollen that’s collected over the past several days!

May 10

Website Mailing List Broken

I apologize to anyone who’s used the website mailing list, it’s come to my attention that it’s been broken for quite a while. For reasons unclear to me, Google flagged the account as spam and has provided no way method of re-enabling the account.

I am currently looking for an alternate solution.

May 08

A/C Notice

Everyone, I first want to apologize for the lack of A/C, and secondly for the lack of any information regarding said lack of A/C. I’d initially held off in the hopes of having more information to share, but in hindsight, it would likely have been better to share the little info, and follow up with more later.

That all said, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, starting last fall, we began an overhaul of the boiler room. I’ll give you a more thorough update on that once things are even further along, but the short version is that the old system was the original system (from the 60s) and in dire need of replacement due to the cost of maintaining it, as well as the cost of running it.

In the process, the connections to the chillers were also disconnected, and in need of replacement. Unfortunately, there were some unforeseen complications which resulted in some unfortunate delays in the work being done (hence our current situation).

I believe we’ve since resolved all of the complications, and work should begin next week, if everything goes according to plan. We are hoping the work can be completed by the end of the week, but don’t hold me to that.

I’ll attempt to keep you apprised as we get new information.

In the mean time, please do your best to keep cool. Check on your neighbors, especially those whom are elderly or have infants. Keep any eye on your pets and report any strange behavior to your vet. Keep everyone in the family well hydrated. If you don’t have an office to go to during the day, there’s always various places of business, and even libraries and museums! Soon enough, we’ll have the A/C back up and running.

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