Jul 10

FY19/20 Condo Fees

As I’m sure you are aware by now, Grand Bel Manor has recently switched management companies. The new company (Quality 1) has sent out a welcome letter with payment instructions and coupons to all owners, however, we have heard reports that most owners have not yet received the mailing. To make matters worse, we realize our previous management company (Shea management) sent out a letter with incorrect FY19/20 condo fee amounts and failed to mail out a correction even after repeatedly asked to do so by the board. For those reasons, I’ll post some information here that hopefully will help you submit your payment in a timely manner.

Starting July 1st 2019, all condo fee payments should be sent (or delivered in-person) to the new company’s address:

Grand Bel Manor Condominium Association
c/o Quality 1 Property Management
9420 Annapolis Rd. Suite 105
Lanham, Md. 20706

Quality 1 will be implementing an online payment option soon, but you should submit a check with your July payment to the address above as soon as possible.

In addition, below you will find a table with the old and new condo fees for your reference. If you would like to see the exact condo fee amount for your unit, please go to the recently updated Condo Fees page.

Old Fee – FY18/19 New Fee – FY19/20
$441.00 $445.00
$481.00 $486.00
$551.00 $556.00
$556.00 $562.00
$581.00 $587.00
$651.00 $658.00
$711.00 $718.00


Should you have any questions about how to pay your condo fee or about the management transition, please contact Quality 1 at (240) 770-5381.

Jul 01

New Management Company – Quality 1

I’m hoping to share quite a bit more about our change in management companies, but for the moment, let me put out links to download the same information and forms as those that will hopefully be arriving in the mail soon.

Please don’t hold this bumpy start against Quality 1, we’d given ample notification to prior management to begin transitioning information, unfortunately, they did not provide us with the necessary information until the 11th hour. We do apologize for this inconvenience and confusion and hope everything will be sorted out soon, and that you’ll be receiving superior management soon.

Here is the link to the transition document, or, if you’d prefer it en Español, you can find that version here.

Mar 03

Important Changes to Recycling Procedures

You’ve likely seen the notices posted on the entrances doors which also direct you to a more complete notice on the bulletin boards. You should be getting th same notice (as the bulletin boards) in the mail, unfortunately, it looks like it might not have arrived yet. Regardless, I’m sharing the content of the notice below.

In brief, however, our previous recycling program was proving unsustainable. The ease with which it was contaminated far outweighed our ability to monitor and remove the contamination, and so we needed to come up with an alternative. We don’t know if this solution will work, but it’s a start, and we hope it will be beneficial. At the very least, I know I’ll enjoy not having to carry my recycling down to the enclosures anymore!


Starting Monday, March 4, 2019, and repeating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday thereafter (not including holidays).


The recycling bins in the dumpster enclosures will be locked, to prevent contamination. Recycling will now be collected from each individual unit.


Residents are instructed to properly prepare (rinse out containers, tear down boxes, etc) and place all recyclables in their blue recycling bins. Place it beside your stairwell door (not on patios, please) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, no later than 9:00 am. If you have any large boxes that won’t fit in the bin, please tear them down and compact them as much as possible and place them against the wall behind your bin. Any items that are not recyclable will be left in your blue recycling bin; you should place these items in your trash. Empty recycling bins must be taken back in your unit by 9 pm the same day.


This past January, contamination costs exceeded the monthly amount of the Association’s trash contract of $4,100. That’s roughly equivalent to $20/mo out of your condo fee. Despite our best efforts to educate residents, including posting “No bags” signs, painting the bins used for recycling blue, and adding recycling logos to them, some residents continue to throw plastic bags (which jam recycling machines) and/or outright garbage into the bins, contaminating the entire bin. Per Montgomery County’s Executive Regulation 15-04AM we are legally required to recycle; if we don’t comply, we can be fined. The recycling company is legally required to report contaminated recycling, and will refuse service if they find it. Additionally,contaminated recycling is designated as “solid waste”, and we’re billed for an additional trash pick-up, on top of the cost of the originally attempted recycling pick-up. The Board is committed to recycling and the reduction of solid waste and you should be too because it will only serve to improve our community and keep our budget manageable. If you have questions regarding this information should call Shea Management at 301-986-4166 in advance of March 4, 2019 to avoid any misunderstandings.


  • Call Shea Management if you need a recycling bin; one will be dropped off at your unit.
  • Don’t store the recycling bin outside.
  • Don’t recycle plastic bags in your bin; take them to the local Giant. Other stores may have recycling programs for plastic bags as well.
  • Don’t recycle pizza boxes! They are almost always contaminated with grease.
  • Don’t recycle styrofoam!
  • Don’t recycle anything with food, drink, or other residue Recycling must be clean!
  • Don’t recycle plastic straws!
  • Don’t recycle napkins, paper towels, or toilet paper!
  • Don’t recycle diapers! Why would you think that’s ok???
  • Do break down cardboard boxes!
  • Do recycle aluminum foil/trays AFTER you’ve thoroughly washed them!
  • Do throw away contaminated paper and rinse plastic, metal, and glass items thoroughly.
  • Don’t assume something is recyclable, if you’re unsure, call 311 or take it to the Shady Grove Transfer Station located at 16101 Frederick Road Derwood, MD 20855

For more tips, visit https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/sws/recycling/blue-bin-items.html

Thank you for your cooperation during this transition. If you have any questions regarding this information or need a recycling container, please call Shea Management at 301-986-4166.

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