Oct 30

Heat is on

Heat has been officially turned on for the season. Please switch your thermostat to the heat setting and keep windows and patio/balcony doors closed to save energy.

Oct 19

Mandatory Building Extermination this Friday – 3812 & 3822

For those of you who aren’t owners or residents in 3812 or 3822, you can safely ignore this announcement, though I’ll add some more general information at the end of the posts for those who are interested.

For those of you who are in 3812 & 3822, this is for you, and it hammers home what we’ve been saying via mailing, additional notices on your doors, posted notices, and in some cases phone calls.

This is a MANDATORY building extermination. This is NOT OPTIONAL.

Some of you might be asking “Didn’t we just do this a few months ago?” The answer is yes, unfortunately, some of your neighbors failed to prepare their units, and as a result, the treatment was ineffective. You might follow up that question with “Well, I prepared last time, and my unit was treated, I won’t/shouldn’t have to do it again!” Unfortunately, for everyone who was responsible and prepared last time, you’re wrong. Thank your neighbors who weren’t for this inconvenience.

When you have a bad pest problem, as we’ve had in these two buildings (and we’ll likely do similar treatments in other buildings in the future), you need to treat the entire building, all at once, otherwise the pests will flee to those units that weren’t treated, and continue to thrive, returning to the treated units once the deterrents become ineffective. In essence, you’re just pushing the problem around, gaining temporary relief. That’s why it’s extremely important that everyone comply!

There will be additional consequences for units that fail to comply this time around (units that failed to prepare last time are being billed a share of the treatment this time around). Trust me when I say that we don’t want to have to do this, but we will if we must.

To further make what’s required clear:

  • YOU MUST EMPTY YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CABINETS AND DRAWERS! Please place these items in another room.
  • CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM! They don’t need to be spotless and sparkling, but it needs to be clean.
  • IF YOU HAVE PETS AND/OR RESIDENTS WHO ARE NORMALLY HOME, THEY WILL NEED TO LEAVE THE UNIT DURING & AFTER TREATMENT. The first treatment involves a gas; the techs use respirators. While safe, the chemicals can cause irritation, especially for the very young, elderly, or those with breathing complications such as asthma. If you don’t plan on being home and have no pets, this doesn’t concern you.

There are some other requirements, but these are the big three. These are the most important, and haven’t always been entirely clear, especially the part about leaving the unit.

We know this is a lot to go through, especially if you’d done it previously, but please, for the sake of your neighbors, if not yourself, comply! If you need somewhere to go with a pet, consider the park (as I’m in 3812, and have a dog, this is my own plan), or visit family/friends, or just take a nice long walk. If you need somewhere to go with young children, you could again consider the park, or the library.

If you’re elderly or ill, and could use assistance, we might be able to help. Please contact Shea Management (301-986-4166) or email Pedro. There are no guarantees, and any help available will be on a first come first serve basis. I do apologize for the short notice in offering this, so it’s extremely important that if you could use it, you contact us ASAP!

For those of you in other buildings, if you’re repeatedly having a problems with mice, roaches, or other pests, please make sure Shea Management is aware. They are keeping track of units that complain, and if enough units in a building complain, that building will likely be put on the schedule for a mandatory treatment further down the road. Obviously, we want to avoid things getting this bad, so do your best to keep your units clean, and free of anything that might appear to mice and roaches! This includes not discarding food outside the buildings!

Anyway, I hope everyone prepares, and that we’re able to fully and successfully treat these buildings. Thank you.

Oct 10

Board Meeting Tomorrow

As a friendly reminder, there will be a board meeting tomorrow at 7pm in the basement of building 3842. The meeting is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Some of the topics on the agenda include:

  • Parking Rules & Hang Tags Proposals
  • Move-in/Move-out Rules Proposal
  • Tree Survey Proposal

But questions, comments and suggestions other topics are always welcome. Please help us improve our community by make yourself present and your voice heard.

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