Jun 18

Grand Pre Road Parking Enforcement

I am very pleased to announce that the police have informed us they plan to step up parking enforcement along Grand Pre Road. For far too long people have been parking in “No Parking” areas creating hazardous conditions when attempting to exit both our and neighboring properties.

If you park along Grand Pre Road, be sure you’re parked legally!

May 14

A/C Is Now Online!


Great news, I’ve been told that the pipes were repaired and our chiller was brought online at 4:35 this afternoon!

I admit, given the drop in temperature today, this isn’t as thrilling as it could be, however I know I personally will find a great deal of relief, and as the hotter days return, we should all benefit.

May 13

A/C Update

It is with much frustration and disappointment that I regret to inform everyone we still do not have A/C.

I’ve been told that the closed loop pipe (to supply the chilled water) is too close to the domestic hot water pipe to allow it to be clamped. This means they have to cut through both pipes to make the repairs, furthermore, this means a welder has to be called in to reattach the pipes as well as the repair.

I’m sure by now you see where I’m going with this… We’re looking at tomorrow to finish the repairs and have A/C.

I’ll continue to keep everyone updated.

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