Jan 25

Snow Plowing Update

It’s with a great deal of disappointment that I have to report that the new contractor was also a no show… I honestly have no explanation for this ridiculousness… They refused to answer their phones, and their voice mail boxes were full…

If you know anyone who works for a plowing company, and is actually reliable, please notify management ASAP!

I again apologize for this inconvenience…

Jan 24


If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering what the deal is with the snow plows, and why we haven’t been plowed out yet! I do want to apologize for the rather ridiculous delay we’ve had to deal with.

I’ll start with the good news, snow plows are expected to arrive later this evening and get to work! Additionally, while I don’t have all the details, residents, along with the property manager, and some recruits, have been working hard to clear the rear entrance of the property in advance of the plows arriving. Our investment in a snow blower a few years back has paid off.

Now, as for why it hasn’t happened yet? Well, I hate to give excuses, but that’s all we’ve gotten from the contractor we hired, so that’s all I can give to you. We are contracted with Cricket to provide snow removal. I’m told that they were out here Friday night, but that their plow broke down. I’m then told he got stuck at home, after repairs, and furthermore, had other repairs to make. In case you’re wondering, I’m motioning that we find a new contractor next year. One who is prepared for the worst, has repair supplies, and maintains their equipment.

We did attempt to get another contractor out yesterday, and I know we found one, unfortunately based out of PG county. I don’t know what exactly happened with that plan, but there are a lot of roads that may have gotten shut down between us and PG county, so perhaps that’s the issue.

Regardless, I’m told the new contractor is still expected for this evening, and the property manager is going to be on site to help ensure they get here, as they’ve never been to the property before. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we’ll have at least a single lane in each lot cleared, if not better.

Having said all of this, I want to remind residents not to pile the snow from their cars into the lot, this adds to the already high snow the plow needs to get through, and increases the possibility that the plow will be unable to get in!

Also, the sidewalks had been nicely cleared ( at least once ) by Ron, with the snowblower, but I know at least a few residents have rudely piled the snow from their car onto these sidewalks! These are community walkways, people still need to walk past your car, please do not be the sort of person who does this!

And of course, stay warm, stay safe, and check on your elderly neighbors, and those with small children, thank you.

Jan 24

Disregard Heat Email

Please disregard the heat related email, if you received it. The update to the website seemed to trigger an old post to send as an email.

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