Aug 03

Online Payment Now Available

We’ve now been a full month with our new management company, Quality 1, and while we acknowledge the transition has not been as smooth as we’d hoped, due to a number of external factors, we are starting to see the benefits of working with a company with access to modern digital resources.

The first such resource available to owners is the ClickPay online payment system. It allows GBM owners to pay their condo fees and/or any outstanding balances online via ACH/eCheck (Free) or Debit/Credit card (for a small service charge). Owners can also set up AutoPay to make recurring payments for the full or partial balance each month, making it a convenient way to arrange/update a recurring payment plan without having to reach out to management.

If you’d previously provided an email address on your Owner Information Sheet (available here, on the last page, in both English and Spanish), you may have received an email simplifying the set up process. If not, you can still set up an account by visiting ClickPay and registering as a new user. Please note that in order to add a unit you will need the unit’s account number, which can be obtained from a payment coupon or by calling Quality 1 at (240) 770-5381.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the first of many services Quality 1 is able to offer and ask that you reach out to them with any questions on how to use it.

Jul 10

FY19/20 Condo Fees

As I’m sure you are aware by now, Grand Bel Manor has recently switched management companies. The new company (Quality 1) has sent out a welcome letter with payment instructions and coupons to all owners, however, we have heard reports that most owners have not yet received the mailing. To make matters worse, we realize our previous management company (Shea management) sent out a letter with incorrect FY19/20 condo fee amounts and failed to mail out a correction even after repeatedly asked to do so by the board. For those reasons, I’ll post some information here that hopefully will help you submit your payment in a timely manner.

Starting July 1st 2019, all condo fee payments should be sent (or delivered in-person) to the new company’s address:

Grand Bel Manor Condominium Association
c/o Quality 1 Property Management
9420 Annapolis Rd. Suite 105
Lanham, Md. 20706

Quality 1 will be implementing an online payment option soon, but you should submit a check with your July payment to the address above as soon as possible.

In addition, below you will find a table with the old and new condo fees for your reference. If you would like to see the exact condo fee amount for your unit, please go to the recently updated Condo Fees page.

Old Fee – FY18/19 New Fee – FY19/20
$441.00 $445.00
$481.00 $486.00
$551.00 $556.00
$556.00 $562.00
$581.00 $587.00
$651.00 $658.00
$711.00 $718.00


Should you have any questions about how to pay your condo fee or about the management transition, please contact Quality 1 at (240) 770-5381.

Jul 01

New Management Company – Quality 1

I’m hoping to share quite a bit more about our change in management companies, but for the moment, let me put out links to download the same information and forms as those that will hopefully be arriving in the mail soon.

Please don’t hold this bumpy start against Quality 1, we’d given ample notification to prior management to begin transitioning information, unfortunately, they did not provide us with the necessary information until the 11th hour. We do apologize for this inconvenience and confusion and hope everything will be sorted out soon, and that you’ll be receiving superior management soon.

Here is the link to the transition document, or, if you’d prefer it en Español, you can find that version here.

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