Aug 24

Welcome to the Official Grand Bel Manor Condominium Website

Well, here it is. The Official Website for Grand Bel Manor Condominiums. There’s not much up yet, but I’m hoping that over time it will come into it’s own, and ideally that other residents will show an interest and feel motivated to contribute.

Currently the site features the following capabilities:

Articles – Informative articles to keep you updated on the happenings around the condo. Currently we’ve only got articles like this explanation, but over time expect much more.

Event Calendar – Is there an upcoming event that you should know about? If we’re aware of it, we’ll put it up here for you. Currently all we’ve got up are the monthly water shut-offs, but expect other events like our annual meeting and the board of director’s meetings to show up on here as well. If you didn’t see it already, the calendar is accessible from our front page

Forum/Message board – A community website is only as good as the community that can contribute and participate. To that end I’ve set up a forum that will allow our residents, upon registering, to post questions, comments, raise concerns, and just get to know each other better. You can access it from here, or from the menu along the top as well as the Resources menu along the left side of the front page. You will need to register and provide your building and unit number and a valid e-mail address (which will be kept hidden from the public). This is to help everyone know you better.

Language Localization – It’s currently quite rudimentary, but there is some basic support for more languages then English. Of course, if you’re reading this you likely don’t need to use another language, but I realize a large portion of our community is less fluent. If you fall into this category, I’d strongly recommend you work hard on your English skills, but at the same time, if we have the ability, we will attempt to provide what resources we can in your native language. To that end, if you’re able and willing to provide translation services they would be greatly appreciated as currently we only have the technical capability and not the lingual. Leave a note on the forums if you’re interested.

Documents – Newsletters, Condo Documents (By Laws, etc), these are things you technically should already have or at least have seen. The newsletters are single sheets, often just posted on your stairwell bulletin board, but occasionally sent to you in the mail. The condo documents are bulky, hard to read, and not very well organized. Ideally we’ll be able to get digital copies of the newsletters in the future, and for other documents we likely can convert them using Optical Recognition allowing these documents to become searchable. In the event we can’t convert it or manually recreate it, an image will work as well. In addition, if we can get digital English copies, assuming we’ve found people willing to help with translations, we should be able to get copies in other languages as well.

I have plans to add the following:




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