Oct 30

Update (10/31/10 – 12:30PM): Possible Emergency Water/Heat Shut-Off

Updated – 10/31/18 – 12:30PM (see original below):
As everyone currently attempting to use the water should know, it’s currently been shut off.
What we know so far, is that it appears the leak is in the cold water line, not the hot water or the heating lines. Unfortunately, it’s my understanding that we needed to schedule an emergency water shut-off with WSSC, and as a result, all the lines will be shut off while the repairs are made. The suspicion is that the lines are deep and may run close to electrical lines, requiring care, and possibly shoring up the hole to prevent collapse. Currently, I’ve heard nothing regarding the status of the break itself, but we’re remaining hopeful that the repair can be promptly made so that we can restore water service ASAP. I’ll continue to write updates as I learn more relevant information!

I don’t currently have much in the way of details, but this morning a large leak was discovered near the boiler room. As a result, we’ll likely have to shut off water to some/all of the property, though I don’t yet know if it will be all water, just hot, just cold, or if it might even be a heat line.

I’ll post an update once I’ve learned more; hopefully we’ll be able to address this quickly!